Amber in colour. With a damp timber aroma, very intense and persistent. Sweet taste with slight sour notes.

Traditionally used for improving breathing problems.

(*) At present, current legislation prohibits attributing properties that are not supported by sufficient evidence or accredited scientific techniques and expressly recognized by the Health Administration.

Packaging specification per unit

Net Weight 350 g.

Gross weight 0.535  kg.

Height: 85 mm.

Depth: 42 mm

Packaging specification per cardboard box

Box contents: 12 units.

Gross weight: 6.55 kg.

Height: 18.5 cm.

Length: 26 cm.

Width: 17 cm

Packaging specification per Pallet

Pallet 80 x 120

Pallet contents: 126 boxes

No. of boxes per tier: 21

Tiers per pallet:  6

Gross weight: 847 kg

Height: 126 cm.