Varied colour, aroma and flavour depending on botanical origin.

Honey, in general, has been used since the time of our ancestors as part of traditional medicine. Many aspects of this use indicate that it also has features such as antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral functions.

(*) At present, current legislation prohibits attributing properties that are not supported by sufficient evidence or accredited scientific techniques and expressly recognized by the Health Administration

Sales Unit: Product

Net Weight 500 g.
Gross weight 0,725 kg.
High 118 mm.
Diameter 75 mm.
Depth 75 mm.

Unidad de compra: Caja cartón

Contenido en caja 12 uds.
Peso bruto 8,925 kg.
Alto 12,6 cm.
Largo 31,0 cm.
Ancho 23,7 cm.

Unidad de compra: Palet

Palet 80 x 120
Contenido en palet 96 cajas
Cajas x manto 12 uds.
Mantos x palet 8 uds.
Peso bruto 877 kg.
Alto 119 cm.